The Portfolio Summary

The Portfolio Summary

The first page of the report will look very similar to the old report “Cover Sheet,” but this new report is titled The Portfolio Summary. You can view a detailed sample of this report here. The new report summarizes client contributions, withdrawals, and net worth during the current year. In addition to the valuation at the top of the report, the bottom half includes a graph illustrating these values.

There are two columns at the top with information: “Year-to-Date” values, and “Since Inception Date” values. First we’ll detail the “Year-to-Date” column. The first line, like in the old report, lists the “Beginning Market Value” of your portfolio. Below that are the “Deposits” into the account for the year. Next, “Withdrawals” from the portfolio are listed. The fourth line lists the “Gain/Loss” for the year–this is the change in market value of your accounts net of the deposits and withdrawals. The final line lists the “Ending Market Value” which is the value of your portfolio at the end of the quarter.

The “Since Inception Date” column lists similar information with a few differences. First, the “Beginning Market Value” is $0 because the second line for “Deposits” will show all the deposits you have made into your account since you’ve been a client. The third line will detail all of the “Withdrawals” you have made from your account since inception. The fourth line will show the “Gain/Loss” since inception, which is the change in market value of your portfolio net of deposits and withdrawals – in other words, how much you’ve made on your money over time. Finally, the last line will show the value of your portfolio at the end of the quarter.

The bottom part of this report is new to your Quarterly Report. This graph displays all of the information we discussed above for “Since Inception,” but instead of numerical values, we have a graph depicting how your assets have grown over time. The grey line depicts the total net amount of money you gave to B&C to manage. The blue line illustrates the market value of your portfolio over that period. The difference between the two lines is the amount of your “Gain/Loss” at each interval shown, either monthly or yearly depending on how long you’ve been a client.

We hope you find this new reporting more comfortable to understand and an improvement upon our previous reporting package. Should you have any additional questions about your new reports, you can call the office at, (904) 273-9850. In our next report, we will review the “Portfolio Class and Segment Detail” report.