The Importance of Titling Your Investment Accounts

by Sean Guldi, CFP® Planning for one’s inevitable death is something few (if any) people look forward to. In some cases, people scramble to get things in order when receiving the terrible news of a terminal cancer diagnosis. In other cases, people may have a plan that is several decades old and may or may …

A Personal Solution to a National Problem

It is no secret that college students today are graduating with unprecedented levels of student loan debt. According to Forbes, the total student loan debt currently sits at just over $1.3 trillion, with the average student from the Class of 2016 holding $37,172 of that debt. With no clear signs of tuition rates stabilizing in …

A Word from the Investment Department: The Importance of Estate Planning

B&C Financial Advisors is committed to assisting our clients in all aspects of their financial lives. One important aspect of this planning is estate planning. We find many people are not proactive about this aspect of financial planning due to the desire for avoidance of our own mortality. It is imperative to have a proper …

Who Needs to Take an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution)?

The first question someone might ask is, what is an RMD? An RMD is an annual distribution from an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) that is required by the IRS.

Should You Own Life Insurance?

Clients often ask us whether or not they should own life insurance, and the answer is never simple.